Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

What is a clarity enhanced diamond?

A clarity enhanced diamond is a diamond that has had its naturally occurring flaws (called inclusions) filled with a composite glass-like material. Similar to when you have a cracked windshield repaired, this process makes inclusions that are visible to the naked eye virtually disappear. This treatment allows the diamond to reflect light better, giving it more fire and sparkle. Clarity enhancement also makes a diamond appear a finer grade than it actually is.

Why purchase clarity enhanced?
In reality, a clarity enhanced diamond is a lower graded diamond that has been enhanced to appear a higher grade than it actually is. This means that you pay significantly less than you would for an equivalent appearing diamond that is not enhanced. On average, you can purchase a diamond that is 30% larger, with better color and clarity appearance for the same budget.
Clarity enhanced diamonds are sometimes called “fracture filled”, “laser drilled” or simply referred to as “CE”. The enhancement process works by filling or “fixing” naturally occurring inclusions within a diamond. More than 95% of all diamonds that exist in the world today have naturally occurring inclusions that impair the clarity of the stone. It is extremely rare to find a diamond that lacks inclusions. Our enhancement process involves filling an existing type of inclusion called a “feather”, drilling microscopic paths to reach internal voids and/or blasting small black inclusions with a laser to remove the dark color. Since not all types of inclusions can be hidden or “fixed” with clarity enhancement, all of our diamonds are handpicked to find the ones that would be most suitable for the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do clarity enhanced diamonds require any special care?
Clarity enhanced diamonds can be cleaned and cared for in the same manner as a non-enhanced diamond, with a few exceptions. You CANNOT acid soak, re-polish or expose a clarity enhanced diamond to a jeweler's torch or you risk damaging the enhancement. We also recommend avoiding jewelry cleaners that contain ammonia. You CAN expose the stone to ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning and heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  

What happens if the filling of my clarity enhanced diamond gets damaged?
The conditions that are required to damage the filling of a clarity enhanced diamond are typically only achieved on a jeweler's torch. Damage can easily be avoided by disclosing to anyone who works on your diamond that it has been clarity enhanced. If the filling is ever damaged, regardless of the cause, we will replace the filling at no charge. Our clarity enhanced diamonds have a warranty for the life of the diamond.

Is the clarity enhancement process reversible?
Yes. If ever you decide you would rather have your clarity enhanced diamond in its original state, the filling material can be removed at any time.

Are clarity enhanced diamonds real diamonds?
Clarity enhance diamonds are 100% authentic diamonds which have been mined from the same locations as untreated diamonds. 

Are clarity enhanced diamonds worth less than untreated diamonds?
A clarity enhanced diamond is valued at the price it was graded BEFORE it was enhanced. For this reason, you are able to purchase a diamond that appears to be a higher grade for the price of a lower graded diamond. Regardless of what we do to the diamond to make it look better, it will always remain a naturally mined lower graded diamond and will be valued according to its original state.

Does clarity enhancement change the color of a diamond?
Clarity enhancement ONLY changes the clarity of a diamond. The graded color does not change. In some cases, the inclusions were so severe before the enhancement process that they impaired the diamond’s ability to refract light properly. The improvement in clarity after the enhancement process can sometimes make the stone appear brighter in color, but this is only an optical illusion.

Do clarity enhanced diamonds have a poor resell value?
Although not all jewelers' deal with clarity enhanced diamonds, these gemstones follow the same pricing fluctuations as untreated diamonds. In fact, our research has shown that because clarity enhance diamonds are gaining popularity in the United States, their resale value is increasing more rapidly than non-treated diamonds.